Since 2013, our investments have consistently outperformed banks' returns to their investors ... and continue to do so under our Social Impact Bond program at 10% interest per year.

Social Impact

Our Social Impact Bonds provide working capital to developing country entrepreneurs and businesses through our platform partners, companies with at least one INSEAD MBA co-founder.


Our Social Impact Bond investors receive 20 equal quarterly payments of principal and interest over 5 years ... instead of a single balloon payment at the end of 5 years.


Our quarterly reporting and independent audits transparently detail both the deployment of capital and performance of loans from our Social Impact Bond program.

Developing Country Entrepreneurs Often lack Access to Growth Capital. We Are Here to Fix That.

Entrepreneurs in developing countries with scalable business platforms face significant difficulties in raising growth capital, ranging from a flat refusal from local financial partners to support them to being forced to accept exorbitant borrowing rates (in some cases up to 60% per year).

Since 2013 we have worked closely with developing country platform partners to expand the opportunities for businesses to scale growth in order to help level the playing field for entrepreneurs and unleash their potential.

Our proven system has already assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs to create impact in their communities in countries around the world - and to educate investors that doing well and doing good don't need to be mutually exclusive.

Creating A Better System

We believe that those who are more fortunate have an obligation to assist those less fortunate to unleash their potential.

So we created a new way to lend that's better for everyone: our lenders, the entrepreneurs, humanity at large and the planet.

Because we ourselves belong to all of these groups.


Lending with Genuine Interest is a simple, time-tested process ... modeled on our years of lending engagement with
our carefully curated platform partners.

Create your account and get verified.
Purchase a Social Impact Bond with a minimum amount of $10,000, and receive 10% annual interest and equal quarterly payments over 5 years.
Enjoy doing well while doing good!


Greg Blackwood

As Chairman, Greg has been guiding Genuine Interest since 2013 in creating outsized returns for investors while redirecting capital to social entrepreneurs in the developing world. He holds degrees from Stanford and INSEAD, and serves as an Investment Committee Member / Advisor / Mentor to a number of funds, accelerators and startups.

Meet the people working together to change the world for the better
Lucinda Revell

Co-Founder of Boost Capital, Lucinda manages the operations of an innovative new microfinance company using technology to improve experiences and reduce costs for emerging market customers. She has a BA from Yale University and an MBA from INSEAD, and was the recipient of the INSEAD Alumni Fund Women's Scholarship.

Edward Yee

Co-founder of Givfunds, an impact fund that provides innovative concessionary financing to social enterprises at scale, Edward is a Rhodes Scholar, Forbes 30U30 Awardee, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Kairos Society Global Fellow, and a Diana Award Recipient. He has stood on Bangladeshi train tops, hacked in Silicon Valley, and travelled 16 days in an Indian sleeper train.

Usha Acharya

Co-founder of the Little Sisters Fund (LSF), since 1998 Usha oversees all LSF programs in Nepal as carried out by Education for Empowerment Program. She earned a M.A. in Economics from Delhi University and a M. Phil. from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, India; and has published two books, Primary Education in Nepal: Policy, Problems and Prospects (2002) and Girls Trafficking and Child Labor in Nepal (2011).

Irwan Malhotra

Co-founder & Trustee of Givfunds, which works to reduce social-economic & gender inequalities in underdeveloped areas of India, Irwan has also set up a learning center in the slums of New Delhi & founded a boutique financial firm. He has been a fellow at Jagriti Yatra(India), Startup Leadership Program(USA), NextGen Winner(USA), Dasra Fellow(India) and Salzburg Global Fellow(Austria).

Second Chance

Second Chance works towards reformation, rehabilitation and reintegration of incarcerated youth. It works in Indian prisons (Tihar Jail, etc.) to develop educational, livelihood and life skill programs and facilitating sessions for the youth in prison schools.


Ustaad works towards spreading awareness about the respect of work of truck drivers and making collective efforts for betterment of their life. It focuses on welfare activities for truck drivers and their families.

Energinee Innovations

A documentary on Amazon Prime called "Ashes to Idols" on our social enterprise Energinee Innovations has been released, highlighting the impact that they create. Do check it out!


Cabdost is a tech based social enterprise working to provide the taxi drivers' community the ability to file their Income tax returns and bring financial inclusion by creating awareness to build a credible track record and plan their finances.


FoodSenz is a social enterprise that aims to tackle food waste by repurposing surplus/imperfect fruits into healthy products, giving them a second life and create a positive change to the environment and livelihood.


Connect.ED strives to bridge the digital divide among underprivileged student communities in Malaysia. It provides digital resources such as devices (laptops, desktops, etc.) and the upskilling of student recipients through digital learning workshops and programs.


KitaGeenius aims to empower refugees through quality education. We hope to increase their academic and economic potential by propagating future-focused skills among the community!
"Kita" stems from the Malay language that translates to "we". "Gee" is derived from the word “refugee”.
We are refugee geniuses!

Fatoumata Toure

Fatoumata joined Jobomax in 2015 as an accountant and was later promoted to Accounting Manager. She is proud to be the most senior woman on the Jobomax Guinea team and often stands in as acting General Manager when the country head takes vacation. Fatoumata received her Master of Science degree in Accounting from Lansana Conté University of Conakry, with honors, in 2010.

Jonathan Halloran

Jonathan is responsible for Jobomax’s construction operations and sales teams. He has over 25 years of experience in the construction and construction services industries. Immediately prior to Jobomax, he served as Executive Vice President for Textura Corp, a publicly listed construction technology firm. He has also held roles including planning and design engineer, risk management and construction project manager.

Our Partners

All of our partners have been carefully selected in order to maximise the long-term impact of every dollar created by our investors' funds.


Invest in Genuine Interest Social Impact Bonds, and put your money to work for you and for developing country entrepreneurs around the world.


Our social impact bonds are currently paying 10% interest per year over 5 years, with 20 equal quarterly payments consisting of both principal and interest. We issue social bonds in several currencies, which are currently USD, EUR, SGD and AUD. The total amount of each bond is set to start at $100,000 (USD, EUR, SGD, AUD), and we are looking to increase that amount over time.

You can invest up to the maximum amount of the bond, in tranches of $1000 (USD, EUR, SGD, AUD). You’ll need a minimum of $10,000 (USD, EUR, SGD, AUD) to get started.

We have been working since 2013 with a number of platform organisations in developing countries. Our social bonds fund their efforts to improve lives through their work. You can find out more about them in our Partners section.

We are currently supporting several impact initiatives around the world, all with at least one INSEAD MBA co-founder, and plan to add more as we grow. You can find out more in our Partners section.

As with all investments, your capital is at risk. You should carefully consider all risks associated with investing in Genuine Interest against the potential risks, financial benefits and social benefits before you invest with us.

You’ll need a minimum of $10,000 (USD, EUR, SGD, AUD) to invest. Just click on the "Start Investing" button above and answer a few questions about yourself (for Anti-Money Laundering purposes). Then, we'll run through a verification process, and that's it.

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